Damn Cassie- Back at it again with the white books

Ok so Cassie brought in some books for inspiration. We couldn’t help but notice a key theme with them- a white background.

I Want My Hat Back- Jon Klassen

I Want My Hat Back. (Klassen, 2011).

The book itself is very simple in plot- a bear is looking for his hat that is missing, asking several other animals on his way. They sometimes offer knowledge, most is irrelevant, and he politely says “thank you anyway,” before continuing on his search. For a child it is cute and humorous- the bear nice and cordial, not too flustered when looking for his beloved red hat. The rabbit hints as having stole it- his speech much longer and less polite, the bear oblivious that he has in fact stolen it. At the end of the story the bear realises where he saw his hat, the end lines being “I would not eat a rabbit. Don’t ask me anymore questions,” hinting at a more graphic ending for the rabbit. The plot itself is cyclical- ending in the same quotation, though slightly altered, which the rabbit said.

In the book itself there is little background colour- more a variation of creams/whites. The only added depth coming from shadows and the occasional appearance of rocks/little areas of grass. The only main splice of colour is the red hat itself- giving it the main focus of the story.

Simon’s Cat- Simon Tofield


Simon’s Cat In His Very Own Book.(Tofield, 2009).

Simon’s Cat is a highly successful video serious on YouTube by animator Simon Tofield- featuring the life of an unnamed cat. It is hilarious as it shows stories that most cat owners can familiarise with- constant meowing for food, wanting to be let outside and once the door is open, the cat would sit and watch before walking away. Cats can be jerks. The book itself shows more stories based on Tofield’s own four cats (Jessy, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy).

The books and animations are all simple outlined features, the only colour every appearing being that of the red typography.

The first appearance of Simon’s Cat in Cat Man Do. (YouTube, 2016).

Bunny Suicides-Andy Riley

Basically Andy Riley has been killing off bunnies or hoping to since 2003 in many imaginative methods- the Darth Vader being my favourite. This book, once again, relies on a simple black outline against a black background.

Kind of morbid and cute- Bunny Suicides. (Riley, n.d.).


These Bunnies know no bounds- especially around the Sith. (Riley, n.d.).


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