Another Idea- The Story of Cassie’s Mom

I don’t even remember how we came to be told this anecdote as it was off topic, sort of, from our original research. We had been discussing some of our research for our assigned topics to research (Me being shapes) and Cassie told us this story, which we all loved.

Basically, Cassie’s mum (Dolly) had been in hospital and wanted to read, only to discover that her lightbulb did not work. She still wanted to read, and so embarked on the journey across the room to steal the bulb from the adjoining bed. She was caught however by the nurse who scold at her and was very sarcastic. Dolly stayed up late, reading with her new bulb to prove a point that she really needed it, when a patient was brought in at 7am. As the patient scrambled to see in the dark, she realised that her own light wouldn’t work. The nurse, who had caught Dolly earlier in the night turned to the lady and said “well if someone didn’t steal lightbulbs you would have one.”

We kind of took this idea along with us, all of us creating little ideas for concepts and how this story could be portrayed.

I really liked the idea of an old black and white burglar being the look in the character as she creeped across the room to the bed. We also had said about using the old school white eyes as seen in many Scooby Doo: Where Are You? (1969-1970) cartoons. Could the character be in completely darkness as the bulb is broken and as she creeps across the room, passing window, her hospital attire could look like a burglar?

The original opening credits to the Scooby Doo: Where Are You? cartoons.


From Scooby Doo: Where Are You?, the eyes show a lot of expression regardless of the lack of body.

13184544_10201693061566305_1508576092_oWhen we next meet up we hope to finalise our four ideas for the presentation to show our research.


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