New Friends- David Shrigley

For Christmas, my Mum bought me the Animation Sketchbooks by Laura Heit (Heit, n.d.), composed of many different sketchbooks for different Animators. They book is amazing, showing the different thought processes that have gone into different well known shorts.

I found this short while actually taking the time to read the book. There was a feature on the artist David Shrigley. Shrigley is an artist from Brighton, England, whose work is well known for it’s satirical take on everyday situations and his strange style.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.17.47Some of David Shrigley’s work can prove pretty disturbing stuff. (, 2016).

New Friends (2009) is a short by Shigley that I thought played in well with my shape research. In an interview with the Guardian, Shirley said that “we are all in the midst of our own narrative” and I feel (yes I used the fine art term) that this is implied heavily in this short. The Square, as he meets his new circle friends who appear to have more fun than his conformist square faction, is brutally altered into a circle himself. It shows that even in the midst of society, what appears to be unique is in fact conformist in itself (see the Hipster trend in society today).

New Friends by David Shrigley. (YouTube, 2016).


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