Looking at Second Year Animations

In class we were shown a lot of the animations from last year. Dylan, Katie, Natasha and Aimee KP all worked on this animation called ‘Pants.’ We really liked the simple used of colours and the comical side to the story. Dylan’s tumblr also provided us with some inspiration to look at.


The team had looked at the work of Eoin Duffy when searching for minimalist styles. Again this 2D animator uses the simplified shapes to portray characters, with little depth. However, we can still identify with the characters and what they actually are.

The Missing Scarf.(Eoinduffy.me, 2016).

Eoin Duffy’s most recent short ‘The Missing Scarf.’ This video again implies a hidden meaning. Like the plot of ‘I Want my Hat Back,’ Albert the fox is looking for his missing scarf. On his journey, he finds several animal friends, much like in Klassen’s book, but they are all busy with their own problems.

  • Cecil the Owl is confronted with his fear of the dark. Albert advises him that with the fear of the unknown- how could we make new discoveries.
  • Conrad the Beaver is distracted with thoughts of his damn- fearing it would break and he would drown. Albert tells him that failure is better that success and that every time you fix a ‘crack’ you make a better damn. Conrad makes his damn as “strong as it can be” however, as Albert moves on, the damn breaks.
  • Edwin the Fox is plagued with the fear that the rest of his pack don’t like him. Albert advices that the fox not be so hard on himself and that the feeling of hate is self perceived. To be liked he must appear to be likeable. Edwin decides to be “more open” with his friends- as Albert leaves, Edwin appears to have some sort of heart attack and dies.
  • Fredrick the Bear fears nothing- the fear of the world destroying itself and nothing existing. The bear’s thought process gets pretty intense- worth a watch at 3.50mins in the video. Albert says that nature is tough- it works in ways that are still not understood, working to preserve and evolve to survive many circumstances.
  • After this Albert realises that the world itself will be fine- he doesn’t need his scarf as Spring is near. The world itself then ends- Fredricks fear coming true A bit of a morbid animation after all.

Another Animation with a morbid tone. The premise of it reminded me of that of Jon



Eoinduffy.me, (2016). EOIN DUFFY. [online] Available at: http://eoinduffy.me [Accessed 27 Feb. 2016].



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