Concept Art- Bones and the Body

When designing concept pieces for our world, I was really inspired by several concept pieces I saw online. Many of them incorporated the use of body parts into the environment or were inspired by the human body to develop their structure.


Jessada- Art is a profile I stumbled across on Deviantart. The pieces below were the original inspiration behind my premise of incorporating the human body to the work. You can see the use of bones, fragmented to give the shop of the mountains.


Bone Mountain. (


Mysterious Castle. (


Dragon Station. (

Emmanuel Shiu

Emmanuel Shiu is a concept artist who works on both video game and movies. He has worked on many projects from Star Trek to The Lost Planet 3. When looking into interviews with Emmanuel, he offered the following advice on creating alien environments.

The key to creating any environment is story. Story drives everything. From story, I derive the shapes and designs that best fit the scenario. Aside from getting my inspiration from the story, I also look to everyday things to inspire me. There are times when I’ll look at an ordinary object, turn it upside down and all if a sudden you have a new kind of architecture that’s unique.

I tend to sketch a lot to get the right shapes and silhouettes as well. From there, I usually take it to paint and further explore. One if the trickiest things I’ve found while designing fantastical worlds is the need for the designs to be based in some kind if reality. It has to make sense. If it doesn’t, you run the risk of the viewer not believing it. Knowing that balance is the key. (

From this, I realised that it is highly important that our world itself has an origin story. I will mention this to our team, hopefully we can create something quite dark, as that seems to be the vibe we’re going for.

When looking at his artwork itself, it was all very intense- giving a sense of peril and adventure. His use of colour gives the feeling of unease- many of his more futuristic environments are in dark colours, with sparks of fluorescent light. I really think something like this would benefit in our own work. I especially liked how he created armour on the world- something to explore in future designs perhaps.


One of my favourites of Shiu’s work- I love the armoured look to the buildings. Maybe we could use the military research to reflect this look in our own world? Like an exoskeleton?(Emmanuel Shiu, 2016).

Art work for Lost Planet 3 by Shiu.


(Emmanuel Shiu, 2016).


(Emmanuel Shiu, 2016).


This one kind of looks like a rib cage.. (Emmanuel Shiu, 2016).


(Emmanuel Shiu, 2016).

Kev Jenkins- Knowwhere as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy.

‘Knowwhere’ is a planet that exists inside the Marvel universe. The planet is the severed head of a terrestrial being (a Celestial) and acts as an end of galaxy port of call for travellers. In the Guardians of the Galaxy, the planet is basically a giant mine, used to obtain the marrow from the bone and the spinal fluid in the neck. Kev Jenkins created some amazing concept art for this planet in the movie.

Clips of Knowhere from the Guardians movie. (YouTube, 2016).


(Jenkins et al., 2015).


(Jenkins et al., 2015).

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