Research- Modelling and Textures

Ok, so Alec and Conann always mention things like keeping our budgets for our projects strict- our budget being time. I wanted to have a look online to see if there were easier ways or tricks when modelling the city.

Although our world isn’t a liveable environment for people, I though the tricks in this speed build were pretty handy. 3D Artcore shows how to duplicate elements to create the entire environment, without having to model each side individually. I showed this to Eoin as he is modelling the more intricate part to the city- replicating things such as pillars will make it faster to build. (Speed Modeling Maya- A street, 2016).


City of Solitude- Skyrim. 


City of Solitude model. (Created 3D model of City of solitude • /r/skyrim, 2015).

I found this on Pinterest but am having difficulties finding the artist behind it. This is a 3D model of the City of Solitude from the Skyrim series. I loved the textures the model showed in the rocks- this would look amazing on our own designs, given the cracked armoured exterior of our main body. Alec suggested bump mapping may create a similar effect, so it is something we will experiment with. The actual city in the game series is shown below.


City of Solitude concept art. It is quite like the brief of our own world- meek with little light, something we are going for. (Skyrim Concept Art of the City of Solitude • /r/gaming, 2015).


Artwork by rlederer(Skyrim Concept Art of the City of Solitude • /r/gaming, 2015).

Broken Planet- Kristian Zagar.

There wasn’t a lot about this model by Zagar on his website but I wanted to look into the topography for the world itself- which he kindly provided. I noticed that Zagar modelled the extruding roots separately and added them together at the end. This is something we will look to do when modelling the various parts of the project. Even the main body that I am working on could be split further- the main bulk, headlight and then jewelled piece used separately and combined once completed.

BP Wireframe.jpg

The Wireframe. (Kristian Zagar, 2D/3D Artist, 2016).

BP Ingame2.jpg

A final still from the rendered video showing added pieces to the planet- I liked the incorporation of the Statue of Liberty. It speaks to the viewer- they feel a connection as a symbol of such power and national status is destroyed. (Kristian Zagar, 2D/3D Artist, 2016).


Gears of War

Below are some of the models used in Gears of War 3:Raam’s Shadow. I believe them to be by Paul Svoboda, however his website is no longer available. (Pins from on Pinterest, 2016).



Tian Cocker

One of my favourite pieces that I found- I love love love the texture on the pillars here. Cocker states that this was done in zbrush after modelling- maybe we could try replicate this in mudbox?


From Tian Cocker’s website. (Tian Cocker’s Portfolio, 2016).


This pillar was created in maya then textured in mudbox. A common theme is starting to prevail here..


Bone like look to this piece. (lauratheawesome, 2013). 

The Ferryman. 

Assets used for an animation called The Ferryman. This is a project by a group of  gscept students Anneli Larsson, Björn Arvidsson and Ludvig Orvegård.



I really liked the combination of textures created through both Mudbox and Maya. (Orvegård et al., 2012).

We noticed a common theme in these textures in the completed models. The object was first modelled in Maya, then exported to Mudbox and textured there. I found this tutorial series that showed how to do this, which really helped with my work.

Videos courtesy of Arrimus 3D.



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