Loneliness- Crooks

So amid all my Uni work I’ve been asked to do some old GCSE essay writing for my brother. Apparently I don’t “do enough work” and my degree is mostly “happy happy fun” so I’m down for that.


non acceptance of being part of G and L’s dream

when Curly’s wife puts him in his place

not from a long line of slaves

leading to his superiority complex- telling Lennie George had left him.- ’s’pose you don’t have nobody’

Room neat and tidy- utopia, paralleling to the pool at the end of the novel.


His dream has alreadt been fulfilled- nothing to live for. Excitement replaced.

‘I didn’ mean it. Jus foolin’. I wouldn’t want to go no place like that.’



“Busted back nigger” cannot work on farm no more- branded from first introduced

Name is a metaphor of his disability

antithesis of George, who is in good health and white.

He is the symbol of a dying worker- much like Candy.


Theme of racism- 

‘negro buck’

lives in the barn on his own

living among the harnesses and shackles as he is shackled to the ground and is deemed an animal

‘little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn’- symbol of him- cannot stand much more in life.

‘a mauled copy of the California civil code for 1905’- educated but taken as a useless ‘Nigger’

Turning him into a mean character- mean to lenny when George is away, despite efforts of trying to make friendship.

Barrier of friendship- Lennie acts as a catalyst in building a report between himself and Crooks





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