Creating the Jewel- Practicing Textures

As seen in many of the previous models we had looked into, the initial shape for the object was created in Maya then exported to Mudbox for texturing.

I wanted to experiment with this on a small scale level before moving onto something larger- I thought it would be a good idea to model the ‘jewel’ that I had placed on the front of the world and experiment with it.

Alec suggested I model this as a separate asset and then combine the objects after. He also recommended I keep the object low poly to prevent over complicating the process of texturing.

So this is the jewel itself modelled in maya. I used three cubes, extruding and shaping them until I had the look I wanted.

Insert image here.

I then started working to the colours itself, exporting the jewel to mudbox- We were going for a metallic look to the outer shield or amour with a more rusted/ worn look to it- as if it had been stuck in orbit for some time. Combined with Ryan’s graffiti work, going alongside our story, we thought it would look apocalyptic.


I was really happy with how this turned out- managing to achieve this old grungy aesthetic that we were going for. Ryan was able to show me a lot of graffiti artists and tags to based the tags on the jewel off of. I tried to make them relevant- with the SPQR (the Government name) and Roma itself appearing. The bottom gem was that of the flag.

When zoomed in, we decided to incorporate some of the ancient Roman graffiti that we had researched into. Though, less pornographic of course.



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