Creating an Individual Storyboard

So our chosen idea, Cassie’s Mom, involves the inclusion of certain elements in both the Blind Sided and A Bright Idea. We wanted to incorporate the flashing objects that appear in the the room as she moves across them, bumping into them, causing them to light up.

Below is a set of individual storyboards, we made one each, to explore how the scene could be interoperated in each of our eyes. Cassie had done this amazing doodle in her book, implying  a Golem look to the character, which I wanted to incorporate into the rough (I mean really rough) idea. Originally I had  thought of reuniting the character to the light as a happy thing- like meeting an old friend, so would have a softer lighting like in the Damn Keeper.

maxresdefaultThe Damn Keeper– softer lighter to highlight the friendship.





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