First Animatic

After exploring different camera angles and ways to convert the scenes, we decided to compile an animatic from our storyboards, taking into account any more changes suggested in our previous feedback.

Lightbulb-storyboardOur original storyboard from the first presentation.

This is our first animatic- when showing it to Yuan and Mike we received some feedback on what needed changing or elements that needed fix.

Mike commented that the motivation (or lightbulb) was not clear, that the dialogue would have to indicate that this isn’t the first time the bulb has burst. He also commented that it wasn’t clear were the bulb was positioned, the over the shoulder angle was not working. Yuan also commented that the setting was not very clear, there was no items to suggest this was a hospital. She suggested we look into the style of furniture and even which furniture (bed pans, IVs etc) are actually most commonly seen in a hospital. The white out noise that happens when the character falls to the ground was also not very clear, Mike suggested removing this entirely.

This feedback has provided a great basis for our animation- we’ll make these changes and get cracking with our next version of the animatic.


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