Character Designs- A few of my own

Below are a few of my own character designs for Lumo. Keeping in mind our original inspiration I experimented with a lot of different shapes of glasses and even in her own body to see what gave the impression of the character we were trying to create. A motherly look but with a sassy vibe. I stuck to the old pencil and paper for these designs as I find I’m very slow when it comes to digital painting.


A more grumpy inspired character- I made her shorter and looked in to The Incredibles (2004) concept art for Edna Mode.

13199145_10201696107442450_47065121_oPrevious research from my Design Discourse 1 essay inspired this design- the idea of a more stubborn looking character with an evil flare (the person that we really are inside) compared to the motherly look she has. Chuck Jones and Tex Avery both applied these with the comic duo Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. Jones described Bugs as having “a combination of personality. He’s probably a mixture of Dorothy Parker, D’Artagnan and Rex Harrison, but he is himself” all highly popular socially sought after people. This is the motherly look that our character, however on the inside this is not true.  In the words of Jones “Bugs is who we want to be. Daffy is who we are” showing the character is soft and sweet on the outside but evil and unco-operative and clumsy on the inside. The aim of our story is to show the hidden personality- situation of her hurting herself being the catalyst for this to happen.

13199101_10201696107402449_1154906199_o-2A few of my very first designs playing with the squarish head and with softer face. The idea of bunny slippers came into play.


It was commented that maybe the character was a little too cute. I wanted to experiment with the different glasses shapes too, looking at the original reference image I realised her glasses are more of a cat eye shape. Lorna had experimented with different glasses shapes before and I had wanted to try and incorporate some of these in my own work.


Making the character look more grouchy and stern, trying to reflect the concept art for Roz from Monsters Inc. (2001).



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