The Story of Our World

I like creative writing, so you may be in for a long winded story.

In the year 2067, Earth was dying. It had been dying for some time now, but it had finally reached its breaking point. Poisonous gases leached from landfills, crumbling Earth from seeping of the oil and deforestation. Animal species were rare, habitat and food sources long gone for them to survive. Trumps Presidency had led the once great America into a frenzy- wars breaking out among those who used to consider themselves friends.

The stress from all of the human errors began to pile up until the Great Break happened. Fault lines shifted, the Earth’s surface breaking free, pulling cities into the crevices that it created.

The world tried to come to some sort of resolves, Genesis Projects occurring spawning ideas of searching for a new planet or creating their own world. However, this was too late for many of these nations. One, however, had seen the turmoil in the midst. They knew the world would one day break.

That city, was Rome.

The Government (SPQR) decided to keep their developments hidden from the rest of the world. They only need save themselves. Creating a new world for their city to live on took time, it took effort. They had to save their people (or did they) and preserve their culture. They came up with a world- armoured and flexible, to allow for growth. They channelled the tactics used by previous leaders. They realised that to survive and stand great- they had to stand alone. Much like that of Caesar and Pompey- they realised compromise had to be made.

They told their citizens of the plan -all 2,627,000 of them, that they would survive. They advertised the world- split into the class limits of seven zones. Many complained of the constraints this would place on them- people started attacking the build, graffiti projecting their feelings into the outer shell. However, they didn’t have much of a choice. They accepted this divide- the world split between upper and lower class. The more money- the more niceties were given. The attacks soon stopped, the people holding their breathe as they awaited their saviour planet.

However, the SPQR had other plans. They didn’t have the time of resources to build something to sustain the population as a whole. They didn’t even need the people- just their energy. They had discovered a way to power the planet- much like a brain- the people acting as the neurones, their own bodies providing enough power to run the ship.

People queued and waited, believing to be receiving health checks for their new journey. Sadly that was not the case. They were stripped- eternal nervous systems intact and wired to the world.

The world watched in panic and confusion the day Untitled 6 launched. They planet rising from the old remains of the Alpine Mountains- moving from the outer reaches of the world.

A new world. A new chance. Carpe Deim.



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