Prop Reference Photos

We designed our set today, as it is the establishing shot for the entire animation of the hospital room. Looking into hospital rooms themselves, we realised that they all implied the same level of symmetry in the designs. We wanted to replicated this in our own work.


I created a coloured version of the set once we nailed our colour choices down. They changed quite a bit from the original research as we looked more into cinematography, especially in movies like Chronicle (2012).


We wanted to create a very simplified room, based on the white room principle that we had been looking into. We wanted to show that the room was a hospital with as little props as possible, things like the IVs, style of bed, curtain and chair all add to this. The short Wayne the Stegosaurus (2014) is an excellent example of this, showing the bedroom seen to just a bed and dresser and a lamp. We were also inspired by the Stanley Principle games and how they are set in the one room with no escape as a narrator dictates the actions. We thought this was quite relevant to our own character as she seems to have no control of the situation going around her in the room.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 15.44.05Wayne the Stegosaurus shows settings with minimal objects.


Replication of the same room throughout the Stanley Parable adds to the confusion and frustration of the game.

We all kind of had a discussion about our own trips to hospitals, what we felt the actual interior of the room should look like. We noted most of our experiences were of the more grim, older wards, Cassie having visited the Royal and myself in the Ulster Hospital.

We had a look online and narrowed down the look of the room- or the objects that we would be modelling to make up our scene.

Below are the images that we decided to base our arrangement on.


The chairs. We wanted to go for the more stiff looking framing- the object is very reflective of our own views of hospitals. Many of these are in dark times and the chair reflects this. Its hard wooden frame, we rough, hard cushions offer little comfort to the bum or emotionally to the sitter.(, 2016).

size-sheets-fit-hospital-bed_b32ab4b4f6405ecbWe went for this style of hospital bed, with the high front board, compared to the back. We also used this imaged when considering the set up of the room itself. (, 2016).

We actually went and bought  a smaller lamp for reference when playing with its design etc. The lamp is very similar to the Pixar Luxo lamp, typical of those in hospitals themselves. Lorna kindly took some photos of this lamp of us, for reference.

This 3D model really helped with what our IV could look like. Cassie’s Mom was originally in hospital for an autoimmune disease which she had- and receives antibiotics for, inserted by an IV. The drip itself wouldn’t be connected to machinery or anything, as it is down to the body gradually taking in the solution itself. (, 2016).

IV-DripA another shape idea to help with modelling. (, 2016).


The top of the IV stand. (drip, 2016).


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