Research- Moving Textures

When looking at the Wayne the Stegosaurus short, Sorcha pointed out to me that the dinosaur’s texture was actually an animation in itself, done to look like it was moving. We had previously thought about using this technique for the ripple effect that appears on on the chair as Cassie’s Mom walks into them.

The inspiration that started the venture. (Vimeo, 2014).

This ‘ripple’ effect was originally inspired by that from the animation ‘Out of Sight.’ When the girl touches objects in dark place, or place of unknown surroundings, they appear in front of her. The bean of fur rolling towards her becomes a cat, the stick becomes a wand or a cane helping her to see. We especially liked the use of sound in this animation. The way it was used to create idea that the girl was in fact blind and how it was used to demonstrate more of the environment around her.

Out of Sight, another animation that heavily inspired us. (YouTube, 2016).


Unknown objects seem to appear. (YouTube, 2016).

One of the visuals we really liked from this short was the ripple created from the water droplets in the dark. We really liked the idea of this effect happening on the objects-such as the chair and curtain, as she walks into them .

We were then introduced to ‘Lurking’ an Indie computer game based in the dark. As the person walks further into the environment, the more of it appears or is mapped out in front of you. This is very similar to our own plot. The animation taking place in one room, it following through like a map as Cassie’s Mom travels from one side of the room to the other.

We really liked the used of white lines that weren’t completely clean drawn or looked scratchy. This could symbolise that although the environment is unfolding in front of the player, it is still down to interpretation of the objects themselves.

The Lurking trailer. The game is set in complete darkness. (YouTube, 2016).

The video below for the Tame Impala is an abstract music video which I stumbled across on YouTube one night. The part I particularly liked, and thought best represented what we were looking at was as 0.30 minutes. The rippled effect, that kind of looks like ink blot patterns was really nice. Although the pace and colours give a more calming effect, it will be interesting to experiment with these. The colours play a key part in the mood and atmosphere created in the piece and this is something we could really look into.

My dad mentioned to me that this lighting style in Lurking was very much liked the Laser Light shows that can be seen in theme parks. The glitchiness of the lights gives this look.

This shifty effect in the lights looks very stylized and would replicate of that seen in Out of Sight. (YouTube, 2016).

I really like the abstract look in this. (YouTube, 2016).

Although this was created by hand (each frame is a painting) the textures in this is lovely.(YouTube, 2016).

Moving textures explained. Basically its a sequence of images displayed onto the 3D object. (Vimeo, 2014).


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