Research- Flowers

When designing the world, I loved looking into the research Eoin had done into the flowers, especially there more complex meanings. I wanted to have a further look into these for my own research.

The Daffodil

One of the most interesting stories I found was that of the Daffodil. These yellow flowers are symbols of rebirth, and were used in Rome for medicine. Narcissus is another name for this plant, meaning narcissism, coming from the Greek word for sleep or numbness. The name refers to the toxic paralysing alkakoid found in the flowers’ bulbs. Roman soldiers often carried these into battle, and if mortally wounded, they would eat the bulbs to die painlessly. (, 2016).daffodil-meaning

(The Flower Expert, 2016).


These flowers are believed to be the flower of death and mourning, and are commonly found at funerals. Yellow flowers are the most common colour used here. (The Flower Expert, 2016).


(Flower Meaning, 2016).


These are known in Rome as  mazza San Giuseppe, or “Saint Joseph’s staff,” the flower appearing alongside him in many renaissance paintings. The flower itself is poisonous- it causes ingestion that can induce severe diarrhea and vomiting. It contains potent cardiac glycosides, which affect the heart rate. All parts of the flower itself are poisonous- it would be interesting to use this on the world itself. Could it be dusted in the ground up plants as a repellant for other humans. (, 2016).


(, 2016).


This spine covered, vine like plant is found all over Rome and has a distinct purple colour. The flower itself is a symbol of ‘Host.’(GardenGuides, 2016).


(, 2016).


This flower with its beautiful white petals, with yellow fade represents motherhood and respect. (Flower Meaning, 2016).


(Flower Meaning, 2016).


In ancient Rome, this flower was a symbol of youthfulness and glee. Romans used to emit the scent of this flower onto house guests as they entered their banquets. The fragrance itself is thought to inspire love and was believed to begin bloom on the eve of Valentines day. (Flower Meaning, 2016).


(Flower Meaning, 2016).

Garden Lily

Lilies were a symbol of the Roman goddess Juno, a story tells that this flower sprung from the milk droplets that fell to the ground as Juno breast fed Hercules.The flower is also a symbol of death- the white symbolizing the innocence and purity that is regained once death occurs. (, 2016).


(, 2016).


This flower’s name derives from the Latin word for sword. The flower itself is known as the gladiators flower and was given to the warriors after competitions or battles in the Colosseum. (Flower Meaning, 2016).


 (Flower Meaning, 2016).


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