An Idea- Steampunk Inspired

Below is an initial idea I had created, inspired by the Steampunk research I had done. I tried to create this isolation of islands, corresponding with the different social classes in the city.

I tried to keep the shared them of the moss or nervous system between the planets, to make them look used and old- or like a living organism itself, as I had seen in both War of the Worlds (2010). Although I had looked into using a neon colour as a highlight in the world, to show the location of the power source, I decided to not include it. I went for a more grungy black and white look, inspired by the old 50’s videos of aliens ‘caught on camera.’


 The low tracking shot on a wide lens brings the audience down to the level of the character, making it look like something is following him. (YouTube, 2016).

I had been watching a documentary on The Shining (1980) and found that the camera movement implied in many of the scenes gives the illusion of another character watching the scene. The designs for the original set showed  a lot of human features in them- doorways shaped like eyes, the patterns in the wall paper like faces themselves.


(YouTube, 2016).

I actually really liked how this turned out, the middle world being the upper class planet. I wanted to give a marble like look to the middle planet. In actual models for the planet itself it would be nice to experiment with the glow on the middle body, giving it an electric like look to it.

world idea


YouTube. (2016). REAL ALIEN CAUGHT ON TAPE! Interrogated by the KGB!. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 May 2016].

YouTube. (2016). “The Shining” – steadishot by Garret Brown. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 May 2016].


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