Our Final Design.

We kind of had a bit of a collaborative ‘draw out the character onto all the boards in our room to finalise a design.’

We all noted the similarities in our drawings including;

  • the large glasses- we agreed on a more cat eye shape as it best matches that on Cassie’s Mom herself. We also thought they suited her personality a bit more- less owly and more sassy.
  • the short body height and rounder shape- it says a lot more about her we thought.
  • thinner/leaner limbs to suggest she would be weaker at walking on them so would therefore be clumsy when moving.
  • a straight, bowl like hair cut with a lot of bounce. Reminiscent of the Mean Girls quote “that’s why her hair is so big- it’s full of secrets.”

Hollie then kindly took our designs as drew them up into our model sheet. The bunny slippers were an excellent touch. They gave more of a ‘mumsy’ vibe to her.

10603969_1586763628315396_6773888407418180731_o.jpgOur final design!


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