Set Design- Model Sheets

We each worked on a few model sheets to help with the modelling of the props in our set. I was tasked with the chair and the IV stand itself. Since the IV design our animatic has changed (again) and now we no longer need the drip cable to be attached to the character.

These sheets were based on the items from a previous post.


IV stand.

Looking into the work of Edgar Wright we realised that some of the Easter Eggs could be hidden thoughout the scene. What if, for instance, the IV bag said ‘Cure for Sassiness’ on the label.

The drip cable itself could even be tied off, as if she is preventing the fluid from entering her stream. Or even the ‘butterfly’ clip these place into the back of the hand could be dangling from the frame- as if she has ripped it out. Yes- I have done this as a child and have no intentions of doing it again.



The chair

I was able to take some reference photos of the chairs in my own work (our staff room has these horrible chairs). I was really happy with how this chair turned out as Lorna commented it “actually looked 3D.” I did a quick few side shots of how the rest of the chair would look from different angles.



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