Our Final World

I wanted to create a final silhouette of our world- inspired by some of those that Niamh had previously done for her own group. I found these silhouettes really helped understand the need for scale and the actual alignment itself of the world around it.

whole concept

As you can see, there are several key features inspired by all of our past research- the most influential being that of the architecture and military of Rome, both the ancient and modern city.

Eoin is taking the more intricate spine with the Upper class levels- he is our best modeler and well do them more justice than I could ever do. We collaboratively looked at the different areas of architecture unique to Rome, such as the use of arches, columns and even the white cement used on many of the buildings.

Ryan opted to take the bone projections on the lower class side to the world, as his research into the graffiti and the art movement behind this was very influential in our textures. He also wanted to add some effects to the world and ,with the idea of lightening being used to demonstrate how energy moves throughout our floating city, I thought this tutorial below showed this idea perfectly. I had a go myself at creating the lightening as a test and showed Ryan. He was then able to put this into the city itself, between our two ‘receptors.’

I took the main body of the world, as it was a bit easier to model and I am still struggling to use Maya- one day, one day. Ryan did help me model parts of the piece, as trying to model the indents as found in the Spinal region we based our design on (the Sacrum). The overall armour of our world was inspired greatly by Roman army and its rise to power. We looked extensively into their armour and weapons, to see how to best protect our world. We also researched how these exoskeletons are applied in nature itself, like in invertebrates. Our final idea has this large Vespa light planted in the center of the world- the main deity and effector and brain of our world. I modeled and gave the glow off the bulb- I wanted it to be a strong blue, inspired by the work of Zdzislaw Beksinski, whose work we were heavily influenced by. His glowing blues on the inner world gave a beauty to quite a horrific looking piece.



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