Maya- Creating the Main Body.

When modelling the main body of the world I had to start again. Twice. Like I said, Maya and I have a complicated relationship. Thankfully, Alec was there to save the day again.

The indents in the Sacrum were proving problems due to the fact that the faces were inverting and overlapping as I had to extrude inward. This was creating a mess when smoothing out the object itself- it was a mess. Alec showed me an alternative way of creating these ridges, preventing them from messing up again.

Alec also suggested I keep the world as low poly as possible as this would help when creating the textures for it- working out the UV map for multiple faces would be quite complicated.

I simplified the body from the original design as I found adding the ledges was proving quite difficult.

2016-03-29The wire frame of our world. This was the second attempt and the successful one used in our world.

2016-03-29 (1).png

The shaded version before Ryan added the textures to it.


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