Creation- The Vespa Light

When deriving our final main body design for our world, we had a giant Vespa light acting as the deity of our own world. When looking into the religion of early Rome/ ancient Rome we came to realise that they didn’t particularly have one set of values. Instead, their religious beliefs were a mix of ones they had inherited, sharing many of their Gods with that of Greek culture.

world front

Our World in all its glory…

We wanted to play on this with our own world- having a God enforced onto the city of Rome that, much like current Roman beliefs, around 98% of the city would follow. We decided to have a representation of this God for the people, something powerful and beautiful- much like the light itself. This Vespa light was going to have to serve a purpose to the world- in our apolitical energy shell, it would be the source of control in the planet. The brain as to which all the signals were sent to. It would control how much energy was brought to it as stored by the pods on the spine at the sides.

The Vespa light is an iconic Italian motorcycle- however it is was partially owned by a British company. In 1907, the Douglas Company of Motorcycles of Bristol started making motorcycles, but by 1948 was bankrupt. That same year, Managing Director Claude McCormack saw the Vespa and made arrangements with owner Piaggio to contract builds of the motor vehicle in Britain. These motor cycles, however, proved to be slightly out dated to the Italian counter parts, as they were built based on mass production rather than aesthetic. (, 2016).

We thought this had quite a good application to our own world. The Roman’s believe in the saying ‘Caput Mundi’ which literally means capital of the World. Roman culture basically states that Rome is the best and no one else can compare- and no one will defeat them. However, over time, different cultural aspects and different deals have resulted in the world becoming tainted and not as pure. Could this show that some day, even Rome’s escapism from the dying world will kill them?


When modelling the bulb I decided to look at that of the Vespa 125 model- a British built bike. I thought it would be interesting if there was a flaw in the world that would be hard to miss- the so called Roman God they were praying for was actually British made. (, 2016). When creating the model itself, I decided to opt to leave the ledge that exists around the bulb as it would not fit against our design. 

I modeled this bulb and so looked into a few references as to how to make the basic shape of it.

2016-03-28 (1)The first stage of the light showing the modelling geometry. I then selected the center that acted as the bulb, putting a transparent material on it.

The light bulb tutorial I used for my work. (YouTube, 2016).

Now, I am a woman of simple means and am easily confused so was very thankful for the tutorial (above) that I used to add the glow to the light bulb itself. We wanted the glow to be super strong, to act like a deterrent to anyone who tried to land on the city. The light would be too bright to allow a safe landing.


The final bulb glowing out at the world.

References (2016). Veteran Vespa Club UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Mar. 2016]. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Mar. 2016].

YouTube. (2016). How to make objects glow in Maya 2013. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Mar. 2016].



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