Maya-Modelling the Character

Alec suggested that we model each of our body parts for the character and then placing them into a hollow character.

The body of the character itself was modeled by Cassie and then the rest of the limbs and head was modeled by myself.

how to modelAlec drew this to show us what the model should look like. From this, we created our models below.

The Head

I modeled the glasses in three layers. The frame, lens and the pupils. For the head I Alec suggested that I used a smoothed over head. I then extruded out for the nose and the neckline.

2016-04-05 (3)2016-04-05 (4)

The Arm

Cassie modeled the basic shape for the arm, but I then I had a look at some topology references for editing the thickness and shaping the hand.


Arm reference(, 2016).– One of the references I had a look at when modeling the arm. Lorna also kindly took some lovely photos.

2016-04-05 (1)Wire frame of the arm.

2016-04-05 (2)The smoothed arm- right now we don’t have the time to fix things but I would like to go back and fix the arms thickness.

The Leg and Slipper

2016-04-05 (6)Unsmoothed.

2016-04-05 (5)


I looked at another leg model and the human leg itself (mainly Lorna’s) when creating the volume to the leg itself.


The leg. (, 2016).

Update- (13th April)- Alec pointed out to us that the rig would be complicated with the low poly style we had created. He suggested that we add more subdivisions to make it easier to rig and add the weights later on.

Reference (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2016]. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Apr. 2016].



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