Research and Creation- UV Mapping

I was assigned the task of experimenting with UV mapping the character today and therefore wanted to have a look into this process itself.

Mapping the head. (YouTube, 2016). 

The map for this was slightly different as the face itself had started as a cube which I had smoothed, so the automatic unmapping gave it a nice cube like appearance. This made it fairly easy to create the textures I wanted on the face in photoshop. We agreed that making the skin look more life like would add to our character’s appeal- by adding freckles and the rosy cheeks, we wanted to give a cuter look, to contrast to how she is actually portrayed.

The Face

faceagain3.jpgThe texture file for the head. I had take quite a lot of inspiration from the Dam Keeper (2015).

The Dress

Alec gave me a hand when creating the UV map for the dress as I was struggling with it. Hollie coloured it for us.


*Update- we did not use this texture on the dress as we were having problems with stretching on the sleeves which was noticeable in the animation.

The Arm 

The arms has a similar map to the head, for reasons unknown. I added more pinks to the under arm, focusing on the elbow area, like the way a normal elbow would have on the wensus.


The Leg

As the leg is hidden under a blanket in most of our animation I didn’t UV map it- instead I created a texture similar to that of the face before using the planar UV editor to stop the texture from stretching.


The Hair


We went for a very generic mousy brown hair colour, much like that of Cassie’s Mom’s reference photo. We wanted her to seem normal and not very exciting. I cylindrical mapped the texture on the hair to prevent stretching due to its shape.


I only mapped the bunny slipper for the purpose of adding darker pinks in the ears like on most slippers.  I was disappointed when I realised that most of the slipper (especially the ears) are hidden so there wasn’t much point in creating this UV Map.


The Glasses

I also didn’t map the glasses and used a similar method to create the texture as the legs, using the planar map editor to prevent stretching. As mentioned in previous research, we chose a dark purple for the glasses, to stand out against the seen.


The Lens

The lens I simply created a white blinn to give the shiny white look of the glass.

The Full Character!


I tried to imply the chalk like texture that I had researched previously, found in the likes of Samurai Jack and The Dam Keeper (2014).

The Dam Keeper Trailer. (YouTube, 2016).



YouTube. (2016). Human Head UV Mapping Tutorial in Maya. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Apr. 2016].

YouTube. (2016). The Dam Keeper: Official Trailer #1. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2016].


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