Rigging- Conánn’s help

Conánn sat with me for a good three hours (thank you and I apologise for taking so much time) to explain rigging to me. It was really interesting and I found it so beneficial, rigging is something I should be good at due to my understanding of the Human anatomy.

He rigged one half of the arm- using an IK FK rig, before showing me roughly how to paint weight the arm (that’s were the problems started).

Conánn explained the following principles to me:

  • Bind Joint–> bind skin (ge0)
  • FK Joint –> controls the bind joint with a constraint
  • Anim Curve –> controls the FK Joint with a constraint
  • FK Joint/ IK Joint –> controls bind joint with a constraint (FK IK Switch)
  • Organising the outliner- geometry_GRP, joints_GRP and a Bind Rig
  • Character organisation;
  • -geo
  • -joints – FK Rig–> IK RIG ARMs–> Bind Rig
  • -bind rig

Hopefully I’ll be able to successfully rig the character ASAP to start the animating- as our object animations are nearly complete.

Recommended tutorials. (YouTube, 2016).

Conánn suggested I look at this playlist of rigging tutorials on Maya Autodesk when rigging the rest of the body.


YouTube. (2016). Creating a Character Rig – Part 1: Common rigging pitfalls. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV4XRgmTynY [Accessed 1 May 2016].


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