Research- Camera Angles

When filming our world to show to the class, we realised that we wanted to make it look large and mysterious. To create this, we realised we would need to look into other camera angles and methods to do so.

Low angle in film gives the look of an object or subject appearing larger than what they truly are. It adds height to actors (such as James McAvoy and Tom Cruise) and gives a feel of speed in motion. It is used to disorientate the viewer- making them feel powerless to the object before them. It gives the feel of power and ominous to the item the person is viewing, like a child looking up at an adult. (Moura, Deaver and Moura, 2014).

This techique has been applied many a time in film itself.

Intimidating Nurse- Scrubs.(YouTube, 2016).

Yuan showed this example to us in a lecture in class. Even in comedy this angle is applied rather well. As Carla takes her anger out on the delivery man in front of her he gets smaller, as the camera angle gets higher. Carla, however, gets larger, as she tells him off more, reminiscent of a parent telling off a child. 

Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. The low shot in this is used to emphasise the character confusion in the scene, the panic and superstition high as the siren sounds behind him. (YouTube, 2016).

Skip to 3.07minutes to see the low angle example. (YouTube, 2016).

This clip taken is very similar to that of the Inglorious Basterds one (below) . It puts the viewer as the person in the trunk- confused as they daylight spills onto them, after a presumably bumpy ride.

Citizen Kane clip. (YouTube, 2016).

The low angle in this scene is used in a more intimate way- not through a POV. It shows the serious tone to the conversation the characters are having.

Inglorious Bastards- Head Carving Scene. (YouTube, 2016). This is one of my favourite movies and this is also one of my favourite scenes. The low angle is applied at the end of this clip- when both Donowitz and Raine are carving the Nazi soldiers head. Tarentino has put us into the POV of the soldier themselves, looking up helpless to the men above. It gives such a feeling of weakness as we are defenceless like the soldier. 


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