Research- Filming Our World

I wanted to have a look further into how some of the low angle and close up shots are applied to give a better feel of size to the world.

Space Odyssey.(YouTube, 2016).

Yuan showed us this trailer for Space Odyssey to look into the different feels and viewpoints of space film- looking at the sub genres that exist within the genre of ‘Sci Fi.’ The shot showing the space ship rotating is the part I wanted to look at closely- the ship fills the whole screen, the slow rotating emphasising the size of the world itself.

This Universal opening sequence was another that I looked at. (YouTube, 2016). 

The Earth itself starts as a zoom in from the top, panning down and then out, with the rotation of the Earth itself. I thought this would be something we could look into for our own world, given the way our concept rotates.

The Wall-E opening sequence.(YouTube, 2016).

Pixar’s Wall-E implies a different method to show the size of the world, or at least portray this into the audiences mind. It shows the solar system at the start, to give a familiar viewpoint to the audience and to also show that our own Earth is the setting, and not a fictional planet. The zoom into the planet is the reverse of that in Space Odyssey, it is fast, showing the debris of satellites around the world, emphasing how polluted it is.

The Space Incident from Gravity. (YouTube, 2016).

Although not specifically focusing on the planet, I love how the comparison of size of the Astronaut to the satellite as it is destroyed. The characters look like tiny plastic dolls against the debris flying among them. It gives the feel of the omniscience as they astronauts are helpless against what is unfolding around them.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Planet factory scene. (Vimeo, 2014).

This is another scene I thought really helped with showing the perspective of the world- through the application of other props/ items of known size (like people themselves). The entrance into the factory at 3.40 mins shows this perfectly as the characters enter the factory, growing smaller as they move closer to the planet in front.


I showed the other members of our team these references and we agreed that the visualizations used in the Space Odyssey trailer would work best with our world.



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