Starting the Head Model

Due to circumstances Conánn was unable to take my photos before he went to Cannes. However, he suggested I model a generic human head (female of course) and match the topology to my own face. I realised that matching my model to my own face would be very difficult due to the overlapping areas of geometry, especially in areas like the eye and lips. I therefore decided to start a new model, rather than wasting time moping around looking at the one I had started. I was actually liking how it was turning out- the topology wasn’t too bad either and I think the face did look like the woman.

I was quite lucky that the woman had similar features to me though- the higher right eye than the left and square face shape. It was a good practice to have something similar to myself.

2016-05-04.pngThe basic face blocking.

2016-05-04 (2).pngFinishing the eye.


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