Although I am not working on the lighting I wanted to do some research into the creation of the lights to give the effect we wanted.

Our scene was originally set in a two bed hospital room though our feedback said that it felt like this. Conánn said he had really liked the lighting though, which was a plus. Cassie is fantastic at creating these lights- her love cinematography really showing.

Our old light was primarily from the one light source- the desk light. However, as the story developed to our new one, the moonlight came into play, contrasting the cool and warm tones.


This still was one that inspired us the most when looking at the gorgeous warm highlights in the machine.



The trailer for Moon. (Moon,2009).

Clockwork Orange

Cassie showed me this still from Clockwork Orange and I absolutely loved this. John Alcott worked on the cinematography for this film. The shocking blue and white colours reflect the satircal vibes in the movie. Two years after this movie was released, the “black comedy genre” was invented. This is a genre we are implementing in our own film- making a funny situation out of something serious.

In face, the book itself, written by Anthony Burgess has a tragic story. The book itself is an attempt at emotion solace after Burgess pregnant wife was beaten, loosing their unborn child. The author turned to alcohol after his wife’s attempted suicide.

This animation plot reflects this- the comical story compared to the actual situation at hand, in our case Cassie’s Mom being in hospital.


(Clockwork Orange, 1971).

(Clockwork Orange, 1971).




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