Reference Images/Footage

This is the post were you get to have a laugh. Being the most care-free female in our group, I was the chosen reference for our character. On the Monday we met at my house (Hollie and Jordan could not attend due to car troubles- J’s gear box literally stopped functioning on the trip from Antrim).

One this day, down two members, we started a bit of modelling and taking references photos, planning what our final “caught” pose would look like. Cassie kindly put these all on a Pinterest board for us.

Curtain Fall



We thought these gifs would really help with the fall -especially the last one. Our style, as inspired by Edgar Wright, is literally a block animation.

Poster References

We took inspiration from a lot of sources when looking into what pose our character could be caught in (I explore these in a later post). Spaced (1999-2001), again Edgar Wright, was one of our main inspirations.






Looking Up

These references helped us with the over the shoulder shot from when the character falls on the floor.




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