Research- Refilming World

From the feedback for our world, it was mentioned that we had no representation of scale. We decided it would be best to re-film our world to make it look a lot more believable.

I also mentioned the idea of adding lighting to make it look more light a light-house effect. This  effect would look amazing, especially as the world turned towards the camera, momentarily blinding the viewer. This technique has been used in several movies before;

The Lovely Bones.

The Lonely Bones lighthouse scene. (The Lonely Bones, 2009).

I love the progression in lighting from the lighthouse to the street light is incredible. The blinding light changing the scene from the previous to this one.

The Great Gatsby. 

The beginning and end scenes from The Great Gatsby. (The Great Gatsby, 2013).

Another movie I have a soft spot for. The cyclical structure of the green light, a symbol for Daisy. The opening lighting scene, though from far away, gives an amazing atmospheric feel, giving the idea of importance in the light.

I love the opening book scene- could this be something we could experiment with? Maybe the project name on a classified file blending into our own scene.

Hot Fuzz.

The lighting cues from Hot Fuzz. (Hot Fuzz, 2007).

Another reference, prominent on my blog, is the Hot Fuzz movie. The lighting cue as the spotlight reflects on the nerd’s glasses is reminiscent of a Police spotlight.

This would look quite nice in our own project- I had previously mentioned the use of the a search light, possibly looking at the destroyed world below.

A brief sketch idea (at Ryan Beatty’s request). 



The Lovely Bones (2009). Directed by Peter Jackson [FILM] USA: Orion Pictures.

Hot Fuzz (2007). Directed by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg [FILM] USA : Studio Canal.

The Great Gatsby (2013). Directed by Laz Luhrmann [FILM] USA: Warner Bros. Pictures


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