When researching our into scene, we thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the idea of a hospital/ light angle to our typology for our opening/end credits.

In hospitals themselves, the font used for signage is Ariel(yay) or Helvetica (why?). We thought that we could use one of these as our basis- rather than create our own, but alter the look of it.(, 2016).

One of the ideas I had was having the intro credits on a hospital sign, but then zooming out to our first scene. We have been quite honest in our personification of the character and her personality, could we also do this to reflect the NHS itself. We could make mentions to the many issues that the health services faces in the signs under the title, though less prominent. Edgar Wright is very prominent in this influence.


The actual signage. (, 2016).


The altered signage.(, 2016).

Some of the signs could read:

-a picture of an exit sign with ‘Student Doctors’ written beside it.

-waiting rooms.

-more waiting rooms.

-A&E with a sticker reading ‘closed until further notice.’

Another idea we had look at had been the idea of using light a key look in our signs. Cassie showed me some fluorescent bulb typography which I thought looked very beautiful, and would look really nice against the dark aspects of our opening shot.

We all agreed it would be quite interesting for the typography to flicker much on and off as the bulb does (see our animatic for our example of this).

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 13.32.24.png

Our idea is to have the RHS of the room more or less blacked out, but the left hand sight lit due to the bulb. This would be reversed in our end credits, as the light is now blown.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 13.34.29.png

We agreed that this typography could be done in the likes of after effects, in order to cut render time. We looked into fluorescent fonts for our main inspiration. (see below).

Promo poster for Market Street Neon Display Font

Capitalised lettering seemed to be a main thing in this style of font. (, 2016).


Could we use Cassie’s Mom own hand writing as typography? (Blog de Lena, 2016).

Lone Digger- Caravan Palace. (YouTube, 2016).

This is one of my favourite musics videos due to the neon look in this. The album cover for Caravan Palace and this music video itself has a lot of neon light connotations in it. The colours used are vitally important here- the pinks give that ‘lust’ vibe, matching the strip club perfectly.


The cover art for the album, however, is a lot more blue in colour- giving a more chilled feel. (Imgur, 2016).

I think it was Megan that also pointed out to me that the fight club credits follow this neon look that we are looking for.

The Fight Club opening credits. (Fight Club, 1999).

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Fight Club, 1999 [FILM]. Directed by David Fincher. USA: 20th Century Fox.




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