Presentation 2- Feedback and critic

What have we changed from then to now?

  • Our original feed back said that there was no indication that the character was in a hospital- so we added more iconology based on this (the IVs, bed style and curtains).
  • Change in our animation again- we changed the camera and overall plot again. (Yes I learnt the proper terminology for difference between story and plot).
  • Our original animatic mostly showed the character zoomed up close, to highlight her actions. However, our critic showed that this may not be the case as the scene
  • We changed the camera angle for after the fall- going for a more over the shoulder shot, rather than just a mid shot of her actions in the room.
  • We also added a more hospital like vibe to the room itself- having her connected to an IV stand, the signage and furniture around her reflecting the setting.
  • We added a remote to show the character a  bit more as she calls on the nurse. Lorna worked on lighting these remotes, which Jordan had modelled.


12977140_10209578330239892_5218738842924650768_o-2Lorna’s lighting tests for the remote.

We had experimented together with the intensity of the remote as we wanted some sort of reflection of the LED light on her face. We realised, however, that this light is not that strong, so may not give the look we wanted (below). I kind of based it off one of my favourite pieces of art from the Dam Keeper (2014).

From the above image from the Dam Keeper. This inspired the below tester image.


Lorna and Cassie both worked on a lighting test for this, below.

This test was to explain during the presentation what the lighting would look like in the animatic below.

We realised that our characters main design was not consistent in our animatic- we create it before our finalised design and modelling began.


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