Feedback- Presentation 2

Today we had our presentation on our currently status with our animation.  The presentation (New Narratives Presentation) went fairly well and we had some interesting feedback from Conánn, Mike and Yuan.

Our finalised animatic number four brought forward a few suggestions-

  • the lip sync was a little off but our sound was great- heavily inspired by Terry Gilliam- thank goodness that was picked up on.
  • our start and end was quite quick- Yuan suggested that we maybe pan up the bedroom to add depth to the scene and create a better starting point.
  • the light popping or breaking wasn’t very clear- how could we convey this better?
  • the size relationship between the nurse and the patient- makes the nurse look a bit like a child. Could the posing of the nurse be better- hands on hips?
  • the setting itself was questioned- Yuan suggested that we do a pan opening- to show the size and layout of the room.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.49.29Our character inspiration. They were really impressed with our level of research into the character design and the look of our character compared to Cassie’s Mom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.49.36Our character designs were really liked across the board, though it was suggested that our model was conforming to our limitations in the software and was there a way to model her in a softer way.

This was something that we had considered however, due to timing constraints, this may be a fix for our two week period.


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