Curtain Animation- Scene 2

While talking after our presentation 2- Mike can over to give some points to us. He suggested that we look into the curtain animation as seen in Psycho (1960). The iconic curtain is one that we stupidly missed. It’s use of zooming in on the railing gives the audience the idea of what has happened by showing the hand grabbing the material and then the effect of it on the railing. I believe it adds the element of first person, putting the viewer into the position of the person in the camera.


The curtain railing consists of the loops popping off one at at time. However, in our animation, due to its stepped animation, we were thinking of simply having one frame of the curtain on the railing and one of it off the railing.

I first modelled the hooks and rings for the scene, based of the ones above, however I wanted to stylise them to be a little bigger and more cartoonish, like in our own scene.

2016-05-10 (1)

Smoothed wireframe.


Un-smoothed wireframe.


I then used the already made curtain file of the fabric and the railing, as modelled by Cassie and Lorna.

2016-05-10 (3).pngCurtain on the railing.

2016-05-10 (2)

Curtain off the railing.

To create this animation I kept the railing the same but duplicate the curtain material with the loops. I keyframed the first ‘on railing’ pose on the railing by turning the visibility on at the beginning and the the keying the visibility off at frame 75. I then did the opposite for the railing off, having the visibility set to off in the first frame and then key framing it on at frame 76, just as the ‘on railing’ pose disappears.


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