Research-Modeling the Neck

The neck was a bit of a stumbling block for me- simply the tutorial did not cover it.

That, and my original reference photos showed I had no neck (I stupidly wore a scarf which covered my neck completely).

I took the below photos to help look at my neck when modelling it. They made me realise how much of a scrawny neck I actually have.

When looking into the actual topology of the neck I found the reference below very helpful. I noted the pole under the neck, like I would expect to be, where the jawline meets the neck, where the masseter muscle meets the splenius and thyrohyoid muscles.


The Head by By  Germán Zambrano Córdoba(, 2016).

Some of the muscles in the neck helped me to understand the topology and the flow of the neckline itself.


Muscles in the Neck. (, 2016).

References (2016). // Create stylized character scenes by Germán Zamorano Córdoba (page 1 of 2) / 3ds Max Photoshop ZBrush Digital Painting Project Overview tutorial from [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Apr. 2016]. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Apr. 2016].


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