When looking into Natasha Crowley’s blog she had the below video on the storyboarding of Hitchcock’s shower scene.

Storyboards vs the Film. (Vimeo, 2014).

Natasha made comment on the difference in the storyboards and the final scene itself. We found this also to be the case with ours.

We realised that additional shots, on top of our animatic, needed to be included. Such as close ups on the characters face when she is caught with the light bulb.

Natasha also shared a link with many of Hitchcock’s other storyboards. Hitchcock was renowned for his pre-vis of his movies, his storyboards so extensive that it is easy to see why not much of the movie changed in manner of shots. I’m hoping that our latest feedback will allow use to create our third (or fourth, I’m not sure anymore) storyboard/animatic and make sure it doesn’t allow any room for discrepancy.


Vimeo. (2014). Who Directed the Shower Scene in PSYCHO?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Apr. 2016].


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