Planning- Feedback

We have a lot to change in our animation, the feedback coming from Mike, Yuan and Conánn was very insightful. This presentation taught us that we should stick to our guns some of the time, that our original ideas prove better than those suggested to us.

Our feedback included;

  • the lighting in scene one was too dark and unclear
  •  fix the first light- we were pointed towards the Jonas tutorial on Blackboard
  • the pan should be perpendicular to the back wall, facing across the front of the beds
  • the pan and flicker should be kept separate to avoid confusion
  • we need to establish which light is broken better
  • the effects were too much and needed toned down
  • the camera should pan out- returning to the view of the room that we had originally designed (see our second animatic)
  • there should be more interactions between the character and the objects- could an IV light up as she walks along a cord
  • more eye interactions- i.e. the movement of the eyes when the scene is dark
  • the sound effects need more depth i.e. more are needed. When she jumps on the bed- should it squeak
  • more lightening needed- the comic Loony Tunes ‘zap’ as she touches the bulb

More obvious electrocution. YouTube. (2016).

  • it was suggested that she is caught in her actions as she’s unscrewing the bulb
  • the last line was unclear- Conánn suggested we spoke to our family members etc to see what piece of dialogue they thought would suit

With this feedback we met up and made a plan- the board showing our feedback for each scene vs the plan for each day. From this we went into Asana and allocated tasks to each of us.


Our plan.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 15.35.14


YouTube. (2016). Electric shock animation loop. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2016].


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