Paint Weighting- Another Hurdle

Paint weighting our character was another problem that Alec helped us with. Again, my own error. Second years (Edward again) recommended I had a look online at different tutorials online.

I stuck to the Dev Dennis tutorials for the paint weighting. (YouTube, 2016).

Our character’s geometry, we realised was very low in edge loops so this proved an immediate problems when painting the weights. Alec created a quick tutorial for me and had me add more divisions in the geometry. Although it wasn’t perfect- I kind of had the upper body to a decent place. However the lower body was a whole different matter- the legs kept locking me out or refusing to be painted.

Conánn suggested, however, the step back and think about the movement of the character herself. How much movement is required? What do we actually see in each frame? Our biggest problems proved to be scene one and four- when Lumo is most seen. We decided that we could play with the audiences belief- I mean what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

The opening scene our character is reading a book, covering most of her upper body. The lower body is covered by a blanket, so hidden anyway.We decided to pose her into the seating position we needed, Lorna adjusting the blanked (n-cloth) onto her trunk, and we positioned her hands to hold the book. I then went and paint weighted the parts of the arm that were on show that needed fixed- if you could see the arms behind the book, you would understand why she was in hospital.

For the final scene we did the same thing. Lorna posed her as needed and I then went and paint weighted the character to look more natural. I was actually really happy with how the final pose turned out as the skirt looked to have more of a fabric look to it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 19.33.05


YouTube. (2016). Painting Weights – Maya Tutorial. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 May 2016].


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