Research- Animation

One of the comments on our 15 Second was that the animation could show more expression or more of the character’s personality.

One of the things that really helped me have a better understanding of the pose to pose was an article Mike posted on Facebook. It showed the breakdown of the pose

The Zootopia Teaser. (YouTube, 2016).

The leading action showed me that with there has to be a differentiation in actions which have a similar pose. For example. In the third image, the leading hand starts with the right but as the arms flail down the left becomes the leading.

The pose to pose of the character. (, 2015).

In our own animation we realised this could be applied to a lot of our own character movements. The fall- although block animated- could this account of certain limbs? As she falls, if right handed, it would be the leading arm, however as she hits the floor, the left would lead as it catches up.

Tim Rudders twitter was another resource that helped with the animation process. His account has several pose breakdowns for characters which I found helped me really focus on how the movement of the reading should look. I found drawing out these movements as shown with the gifs of Fantasia and Snoopy enabled me to consider the different attributes effected by the movement and which parts would act as the leading motion.





YouTube. (2016). Zootopia US Teaser Trailer. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2016]. (2015). Face and Hand Breakdowns : Zootopia | Tim’s Animation Mentor Blog. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Apr. 2016].


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