Research-Stanley Kubrick

We came to realise that any movie we looked into featured Stanley Kubrick, and we came to realise a lot of his devices used are replicated throughout all of his movies (see below for an example of the One- Point Perspective).

This documentary really helped introduce me to Kubrick’s work. (YouTube, 2016).

Another documentary I watched. (YouTube, 2016).

Cassie’s introduction to cinematography and what it actually implies really helped me in this module. Getting to understand the lighting and framing of shots is something I will have to work on and will be something I will one day, hopefully master, the more I appreciate it.

One Point Perspective

This technique is defined as “…a mathematical system for representing three-dimensional objects and space on a two-dimensional surface by means of intersecting lines that are drawn vertically and horizontally and that radiate from one point on a horizon line…” (Robinson, 2016). This complicated jargon literally means that the as objects get further away in a frame, they appear to get smaller, converging to a vanishing point on the horizon line. The method is usually implied when the camera is front on. 


One point perspective can be seen in the image below- following a map. (, 2016).

In Kubrick’s work, the symmetrical look to the frame can be taken in both a humorous

One Point Perspective- comparing all of Kuberick’s movies. (Vimeo, 2012). 

When considering the pan, as suggested from our feedback on animatic 2, we realised that we have two different options.

Either have the camera run between the two rows of beds, as if a person is walking between them or having a camera run at an angle from the wall. Kubrick’s OPP applies in both of these. Below is the test pan that we included in our animation. We went with it, despite having doubts. The pan is quite hard to capture a lot of movement, as the character is not the main focus as the camera is still moving. I found that the camera and motion need to be in the same direction of the movement.

For this scene we had tried looked into the bed scenes in Full Metal Jacket (1987).

This is my Rifle. (Full Metal Jacket).

One point perspective is obvious in many of the marching scenes. (Full Metal Jacket).

Our original pan.

2016-05-10 (7).png

One point perspective -in the scene. I think for this to work well the camera needs to be lower to the ground.


Kurbick’s use of zooms is evident in many of his movies, however the Shining and Full Metal Jacket are the ones that have had the most cinematic success and appreciation. In Full Metal Jacketv the zooms are used often to show the characters reaction to a scene before conveying what is actually going on around them. For example, the trench scene shows the face of PVT. Joker Davis, his horror evident. It then zooms out to show the trenches, filled with the dead bodies of the women covered in white powder.

In The Shining, however, these zooms are used to give a griping sense of claustrophobia to the setting. This camera movement, at quite a slow pace, is not one you would see in horror movies, Kubrick, however, pulls it off- giving a chilling sense as if someone is watching the character.

The zooms in Full Heavy Metal jacket (please mute the song is rather painful). (YouTube, 2016).

Zooms in the Shining. (Vimeo, 2012).

Our original zoom out for the final scene. Mike had told use that it wasn’t necessary so we removed it.

We had tried to replicate the style of camera zoom Kubrick uses in Heavy Metal Jacket, to show the character’s reaction before zooming out and showing the carnage of the room around them.

This was the final camera movement for the scene, once we applied Mike’s critic.


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