Scene 4-Electrocution Of the Lumo

Going off of the feedback from our previous presentation, Conánn had said that a real old school comedic zap would look best- to emphasise she was getting shocked while unscrewing the bulb. We decided three things we wanted to include into the scene overall. On a more cinematic note- it kind of reminded me of the death by electric chair scenes from The Green Mile (1999).

A disturbing execution- death of Eduard Delacroix. The Green Mile (1999).

The death of the innocent. The Green Mile (1999).

  1. The shaking of the hand, as scene in many cartoons- over exaggeration is key here.

Electroshock Therapy in the Simpson. (YouTube, 2016).

In this scene you can see the wavy like lines for the characters shape, expressing more movement than is just being done by the character. 


Electrocution character test. (YouTube, 2016)

Although this character has more of a puppet feel and look to it, I think it shows the kind of uncontrollable movement that we can use in our own character.

2. The appearance of a skeleton

Ursula’s Death. (YouTube, 2016).

We would take the animation of the hand and have the skeleton follow the motion path and move accordingly, like in the scenes above. We would probably either have to black out the hand or darken it to create a similar look to that above.

3. Electrical current flowing through the hand (or some sort of lightning ‘zaps’ stemming from the hand down the arm .

Family Guy crow explosion. (YouTube, 2016).

This animation is a metaphor of how we all feel about the project now. Kind of.

Leon the Lion- Lightening Shock. (YouTube, 2016).

Thankfully, a lot, or nearly all, can be done in After Effects to cut on render time and messing about with unknown elements in Maya.

If you want to have a laugh while marking please watch this informative safety video. (YouTube, 2016).


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