Editing- Lorna to the Rescue

Lorna and I tag teamed with editing. Well I say tag teamed, I mean she did the editing and I helped with moral support and timings. Also I was the voice of questioning when mailing Conánn with problems.


We encountered some problems during editing, but were able to fix them quickly.

  1. The glow on the lightbulb in the final scene had a dark halo around it. Conánn suggested we look into the blending modes to fix this. We sat and played around with the settings. The halo is still there but definitely not as noticeable.
  2.  The curtain hadn’t rendered properly the first time with the correct camera and the ambient occlusion would not work. I had to redo part of the geometry (the railing) to fix this.
  3. Scene three needed re-rendered for the bed climb to add the ambient occlusion to show she has touched the bed frame.
  4. We realised we had to add a few extra sounds, the bed spring effect (note to self never google bed spring sounds) and the metallic swing noise from the lamp.
  5. Scene one was quite dark when rendered but we were able to adjust the contrast and brightness levels to account for this.
  6. We had to re record the final line for the nurse- going back to our old Monty Python research, we wanted to end on a pun. The line “this is shocking”  was our chosen one.

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