Scene 2- 2D Eyes

One of the comments made by Conánn and Alec was to make the eyes more prominent and have more movement when they search in the dark. It was suggested that this could be done in photoshop.

Originally we assigned the task to Jordan to complete, however due to irregularities in his files, it was decided that I just create them, to match how it was imagined.

I opened up some of my original research, looking into the opening credits from Trap Door (1984) and the eyes from Scooby Doo (1969-1970) and The Little Mermaid (1989).

Trap Door introduction. I really liked the addition of the squash and stretch to make it seem like the eyes were their own character. This wasn’t suitable to do in our own footage, however, it is something that could be experimented with after the deadline (?) with a simplified character.


The eyes from Scooby Doo. It will be interesting for me to experiment with the linage under the eyes. Our character doesn’t have lids to create this look but i wanted to try and (, 2016)

Although not strictly black and white, the personality of the eels is reflected well in their eyes.

I tried to imitate these styles to to play with the look. Although I love Scooby Doo style eyes


My Own Eyes

To keep the glasses shape consistent I used a screen shot of the character from the original model and then lassoed around the lens.

2016-05-09 (1).png

I cleaned it up, neatening the edges, keeping the each lens and each pupil on separate layers. This made it easier to position on the timeline. I tried to use Jordan’s original eye creations to make it easier to plot the movements.


References (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 May 2016].


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