Research- Modelling Artists

We created a Pinterest board as a group to have a look into Modelling Artists and how these go about creating their designs from the drawing to the model itself. Topology and geometry is another thing I wanted to ensure was correct and worked well.

David Barrero

This was one of the original models that had caught my eye. This girl model by Barrero is adorable and has a great likeability factor. Her eyes are large and doe like- reminiscent of the Preston Blair’s advice in Cartoon Animation. The model itself is based on a piece by Anderson Mahanski– whose work is amazing in itself.

Little Princess. (, 2016).

This little girl character is lovely and her hair is very similar to that of our own character (minus the pigtails). I will have a look into how he created this look- maybe a quick email is necessary.

Below is another of the designs that I looked at by Barrero. This simplistic but lovely design from the project Dead Moon Walking. The facial features reminded me of our own design.

Dean Moon Walking. (, 2016).

Freya. (, 2016).

I really liked this design for the Gladiator inspired by designs by Jeremiah Alcorn. I thought the typology in the skirt would come in handy when modeling the the gown on the model.

Cecy Meade

This is another animator we looked at- and you can kind of see why. Her simple models are very beautiful and we loved the actual style in the colouring- the light effect made the lambert look like a plastic material?


This it the model that inspired us the most. The large eyes of the girl give a sense of nerdiness in nature. Her lip biting also gives the sense of a shy nature. All these little character aspects help us get to grips with her personality.

The other characters we looked as. Much like the previous years ‘Toasted’ we wanted to explore the possible use of 2D facial features, rather than having to rig the face. This looks very similar to the facial features pictured above.


We thought these little characters for an anti-smoking campaign were really cute and gave a basic idea of what our character could be created from- i.e. in a low poly.


The little cute low poly character designs really caught our eye. (, 2016).


Full animation completed by Zolton Karai. (, 2016).


This VFX website featured this model on their instagram page but unfortunately didn’t feature the artist who created this little guy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.50.01.png

I really loved the softness in his features- something we will be trying to achieve in our own work. (Pinterest, 2016).

References (2016). Behance. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Mar. 2016]. (2016). stivoro : zerbamine. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Mar. 2016].

Pinterest. (2016). Ember Lab on Instagram: “A fun turn-around render from our project breakdown video coming soon. #vfx #animation #Maya #3D #creative @victoriorcg”. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Mar. 2016].


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